Present:  Ritvars Bregzis, George Dubauskas, Louis Gris, Merle Hudson, Frances Labelle, John Meijer, Nick Singh, Pat Reavy, Bill Roberts, Sybil Wilkinson


Regrets: Ron Braun, Ed Gaigalas, Peter Keefe, Bonnie Schulman


Guests:   David Fleming, 37 Beresford


1.         Call to Order and Declaration of Conflicts of Interest:  No Conflicts were declared and the meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.


2.         Approval of Agenda:  The agenda was approved upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by Ritvars Bregzis, and carried. 


3.         Minutes of Meetings of December 14, 2005:  The minutes, subject to amendment as discussed, were approved upon motion by William Roberts, seconded by Frances Labelle and carried.


4.         Membership Report:  Louis Gris reported on the status of membership as of March 15th. The report was accepted.


5.         Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Expenses:  John Meijer presented the Treasurer’s report as of March 15th, 2005.




AS AT MAR 15, 2005

(prepared MAR 14, 2005)




BMO Business Investment Account  

BEGINNING BALANCE                                          81.15        Feb 15

plus: memberships, fundraiser                                     492.00        Feb 16

ENDING BALANCE                                               573.15        Mar 15




ING Business Investment Savings Account              

BEGINNING BALANCE                                     5,104.98        Feb 15

plus: Jan interest                                                             9.40        Feb 28

ENDING BALANCE                                            5,114.38        Mar 15


Petty Cash                                                                     1.12


TOTAL                                                              $ 5,688.65



Fund-raiser:             2000                            $1,150.00

2001                                            1,122.00

2002                                            1,235.00

2003                                               871.00

2004                                               584.00

Membership Secretary Float $50.00


The report was approved as submitted upon motion by John Meijer, seconded by Bill Roberts and carried.


Upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by John Meijer and carried the following expenses were approved:  i) Louis Gris - $14.38; ii) Swansea Town Hall - $51.36 for the mailbox for 2005.


6.         2005 Annual General Meeting:  Upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by Merle Hudson and carried, the date for the annual general meeting was established as May 24th the date MP Sam Bulte would be available to give the keynote address.  Then, upon further motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by Pat Reavy and carried, a nominating committee consisting of Louis Gris, Nick Singh and Peter Keefe (subject to his agreement) was struck.  It was also agreed that the details of the evening program would be discussed next month.


7.         Meeting with Councillor Saundercook:  It was agreed that Louis Gris would again attempt to arrange a meeting for the Board with the Councillor.  He will be looking at mid April.


8.         Community Involvement in Processes and Practices of City – Letter to Mayor:  Louis Gris noted that he had written to the Mayor, attention Kara O’Hagan, inquiring as to the status of the Mayor’s response to SARA’s submission.  Louis noted there has been no formal response to date.  It was suggested that Louis find out who handles the Mayor’s correspondence and send them a copy of the letter.


9.         Bloor West Village Vision Study:  Nick Singh reported that he has the final report but that a comprehensive review of the reports contents needs to be done before SARA adopts formal position.  He noted a cursory review indicates the report has incorporated the changes requested by SARA.  Given that the next meeting on the Study takes place February 18th, it was agreed upon motion by Frances Labelle, seconded by George Dubauskis, and carried that SARA authorize acceptance in principle of the report subject to any further revisions required by Nick Singh and Bill Roberts, and that they be authorized to include SARA in the statement of endorsation that will be included with the report.


10.       Humbergate:  It was noted that there has been no further communication with the Office for Urbanism or Councillor Saundercook on this vision study.


11.       Land Use Items:


(a)        286 Ellis Avenue:  Louis Gris reported that he will get the decision on this matter for SARA’s records.

(b)               258 Windermere:  It was reported that a very defensive letter was received from City Legal, last week, on this issue, and that SARA’s questions and concerns were not really addressed.  Pat Reavy noted that she will be investigating the matter further and will keep SARA apprised of anything further.


(c)                100 Durie Street:  Louis Gris reported that the variances proposed for this property would be going to the Committee of Adjustment this week.  He noted the neighbours are not objecting because they were told there would be no 3rd storey, however, the plans do not seem to confirm this.  Upon motion by Merle Hudson, seconded by John Meijer and carried it was agreed that SARA’s subcommittee on land use matters will review the plans and determine SARA’s position.


(d)               118 Beresford Avenue:  Louis Gris reported the house has been sold.


(e)                169 South Kingsway:  Louis Gris will be following up to see if an appeal has been filed


(f)                 Humber Cinema Redevelopment:  There is nothing new on this proposal.


(g)                Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan:  Bill Roberts noted that the results of the OMB prehearing will be known March 29th.  At this point in time there have been no objections to the Swansea Part II plan.


(h)                Committee of Adjustment – Processes and Practices:  Louis Gris reported no response has yet been received to SARA’s letter.


(i)                  47 St. Olaves:  Bill Roberts noted that the Committee of Adjustment approved the variance requested in spite of the OMB decision and the fact it undermines the City’s case against the owner.  He noted the neighbours have appealed but that SARA has not been formally asked for support.


(j)                 29 Beresford:  Louis Gris reported he had submitted an objection on behalf of SARA, that the Committee of Adjustment had approved the variances, that he does not have the decision yet and is unaware of any appeals.


(k)               7 Harcroft:  In spite of objections by the City Planners, the neighbours and SARA, the Committee of Adjustment approved this item.  Louis Gris was to check if the neighbours had appealed.


(l)                  35 Beresford:  This item was an after the fact request for approval of a conversion.  This appears to be a trend with the Committee of Adjustment and concern was expressed as to the message the Committee was sending.


12.       Community Organizations Update on Activities:


(a)                High Park Community Advisory Council:  Merle Hudson reported on the work being done by the Council and problems with vandalism.

(b)               Swansea Community Recreation Centre and Rennie Park:  Merle Hudson reported that the annual garage sale will take place on May 28th.  Merle distributed plans that have been developed for the recreation centre expansion and renovations, noting that it does not look promising that they will be realized.

(c)                Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library:  George Dubauskis reported that the Runnymede Library will be reopening in a couple of months, and there is great concern that the service improvements promised for the Swansea Library will never come about.  A presentation will be made to the Toronto Public Library Board (TPLB) and library users are being encouraged to write to the TPLB in support of the presentation and outlining the library needs.  Upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by Merle Hudson and carried, Louis Gris was authorized in consultation with George Dubauskis to write to the TPLB.


(d)               Swansea Town Hall: George Dubauskis reported that on March 20th there will be a garage sale and on April 24th the West End Community Home Show will be taking place.  George noted volunteers were needed from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


There were no new matters to report with respect to the Community Police Liaison Committee or CORRA.


13.       Status of Items Being Monitored:


(a)                Context Development:  The developer has requested extended hours of construction and in spite community opposition, Councillor Saundercook is supporting an extension in hours, but not to the extent the developer wanted.


(b)               Southport Plaza Redevelopment:  Bill Roberts reported that he had received the by-law but not the S.37 report.  Upon motion by Frances Labelle, seconded b George Dubauskis and carried, Bill Roberts was authorized to write to the Lawyers requesting the S.37 document and if no response in a couple of days to write to the OMB.


(c)                Liquor Licensing Matters: Nick Singh reported that he had spoken with David Miller’s office and has written to the Licensing Board asking why the patio license was issued when the conditions had not been met.  He also reported on the status of the application by the “Exposé” for a license for a 206-seat establishment, which had been deferred until April 11th.  Upon motion by George Dubauskis, seconded by Frances Labelle, and carried SARA was authorized to participate in the Hearing.


Bill Roberts noted he had written to the Minister of Finance with respect to public hearings on amendments to the act, as previously authorized and will report when he has any further information


(d)               Traffic Calming:  Merle Hudson reported that Councillor Saundercook had held another meeting with residents with respect to the traffic problems on Runnymede Road, that there will be lanes painted and with respect to the traffic humps on Kennedy, one had been shaved down.


(e)                Swansea Mews:  Sybil Wilkinson reported that the residents continue to meet in an effort to find solutions to the state of disrepair of the buildings.  They are also looking at ways of creating learning opportunities for residents, but that the lack of affordable day care is an issue. Councillor Saundercook suggested that it might be possible to locate the daycare proposed for Windermere-by-the –Lake in the parking garage since it would be advantageous for the developer. 


It was noted that the developer had at SARA’s request looked at and found unsuitable the Mews property for the location of a daycare site and told SARA members it was better for the developer to have the daycare on site as agreed in the S.37.


There were no matters to report with respect to Windermere-by-the-Lake, the Fred Victor Centre/Joyco site, the Humber Cycling/Pedestrian trail, the Humber Bay Treatment Plant, Petro Canada or the Community Council.


12.       New Business:


Records Storage:  Upon motion by Frances Labelle, seconded by John Meijer and carried, Louis Gris was to write to the Town Hall asking for additional storage facilities, or in the alternative to move its existing storage to the new file room in the  new section.


Board of Trade Green City Program:  Upon motion by George Dubauskis, seconded by Sybil Wilkinson and carried, John Meijer was authorized to indicate to the Board of Trade, through its website form, SARA’s interest in the Green City Program, and to request further information.  It was also agreed that SARA would send a representative to the first meeting, and Bill Roberts, time permitting agreed to do so.


New Toronto Act:  Nick Singh reported that the City is looking for input from neighbourhoods into ways of financing the City so it serves all residents and briefly reviewed the meeting he had attended in this respect.


13.       Next Meeting:  April 19, 2005



13.       Adjournment:


The meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.