MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2003


1.        Administration

a.        Call to order – Regrets: 

b.        Approval of agenda items

c.        Acceptance of minutes – February 18, 2003


2.        Membership Report


3.        Treasurer’s Report and approval of expenses


4.        Guest      From 11 Division, Toronto Police Services

From City of Toronto, Department of Health


5.        Land Use Matters

a.        1947-1997 Bloor Street West – Context Development

b.        Windermere By The Lake – Reon Development

c.        Swansea Plaza on Southport Redevelopment – Georgian Homes, The Pointe

d.        Meow Club – Condominium Redevelopment

e.        Fred Victor Centre – Joyco Station Building, Lakeshore/Windermere

f.         Committee of Adjustment Matters

g.        Municipal Shelters

h.        Colonization of Sign By-laws

i.         Gardiner Lakeshore Task Force & Central Waterfront Plan II

j.         Toronto Official Plan

6.        Liquor Licenses

a.        Billy Bob / The Fan Appeal

b.        Dark Horse

7.        Humber River

a.        Boathouse – Humber River

b.        Humber Cycling/Pedestrian Trail

8.        Water Sewage

a.        Water and Sewage

b.        Humber Bay Treatment Public Liaison Committee                          

9.        Local Issues

a.        8 South Kingsway

b.        Petro Canada Renovation – Queensway and Southport

c.        Runnymede Hospital

d.        Humber York Community Council

e.        Traffic Calming

10.     Other Organizations

a.        Community Police Liaison Committee

b.        High Park Citizens Advisory Committee

c.        Swansea Historical Society

d.        Swansea Memorial Library & Friends of the Swansea Memorial Library

e.        Swansea Public School

f.         Swansea Town Hall Board of Management & Swansea Town Hall Residences

g.        Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park

h.        Humber Bay Shores Condominium Association

i.         Ripley Area Residents Group

j.         World 19

k.        CORRA - Confederation of Resident & Ratepayer Associations

11.     Communications, Marketing & Fundraising

a.        Newsletter

b.        Marketing & Fundraising, Website

c.        Events -  West End Home Show at STH – Sunday, March 30

1.        Bloor West Village Sidewalk Sales – June and August

12.     Other Issues

a.        All Candidates Mayor’s Election debate

b.        All Candidates Provincial Election debate                         


13.     New Business


14.     AGM – Wednesday, May 14, 2003


15.      Guests


16.     Adjournment