a. Call to order - regrets =  Bill Haines, Louis Gris, Peter Keefe
b. Approval of agenda items
c. Acceptance of minutes - Sept 18

    2. SARA - Mandate and Vision

3.Board committee responsibilities - open positions to be filled:  Committee of Adjustment (requires 1-2 volunteers), OMB Matters (1 volunteer), Swansea Recreation Centre (1 volunteer), Swansea Public School (1 volunteer)

Marketing Committee - Website Content, to do research and info gathering on:  history of Swansea;  info on influential and famous Swansea residents (past and present) with possible photographs;  descriptions of various committees that SARA is involved with;  SARA's accomplishments (from 1926 to 2001)

4.Membership Report

5.Treasurer's Report and approval of expenses

6.Committee Reports
a. Bloor West Village Community
b. CORRA - Confederation of Resident & Ratepayer Associations
c. Committee of Adjustment Matters
d. Community Councils - Humber York Community Council
e. Gardner Lakeshore Task Force - Waterfront issues
f. High Park Citizens Advisory Committee
g. Memorials - Jean Roberts, Gunars Martinsons - STH event Nov 3rd
h. OMB matters
i. Rennie Park
j. Swansea Area Low Cost Housing Projects - Windermere United Church/Swansea Community Partnership
k. Swansea Memorial Library
l. Swansea Outdoor Advertising
m. Swansea Public School
n. Swansea Town Hall
o. Swansea Community Recreation Centre
p. Toronto Official Plan
q. Traffic Calming
r. World 19
s. Newsletter
t. Marketing
u. Fundraising Event - The Village Players Theatre Company - Thursday, November 15th

7.Local Issues
a. 8 South Kingsway update
b. 1947-1997 Bloor Street West - Context Development
c. Cycling/Pedestrian Trailing
d. Fred Victor Mission Centre - Lakeshore/Windermere
e. Reon Development
f. Second Suites
g. Fort York Part II via CORRA and the Friends of Fort York

8.Other Issues

9.New Business

10.  Guests

11.  Adjournment

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