S.A.R.A. Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 18, 2001

Present:Marianne Fenner, Louis Gris, Bill Haines, Merle Hudson, Peter Keefe, Victoria Masnyk, Jean McMullan, Joan Oreto, Bill Roberts, Vicki Vancas, Sybil Wilkinson

Late:Jamie Bell
Regrets:  Ron Bruan, Lynn Clay, David Miller
No Regrets:George Dubauskas, Ritvars Bregzis, Bill Haines, Mona Lalonde, Lina Volpe
Guests:John Meijer
W. Oliver, 12 Grenadier Ravine Drive, 416-766-7474

A Moment of Silence regarding September 11, 2001 events.

Call to order:Meeting began at 7:35 p.m. at the Swansea Town Hall

Amendment to Agenda:
Under New Business:  Municipal Shelters from CORRA

Approval of Agenda as amended:
Motion:  Louis GrisSeconded:  Marianne FennerCarried

Acceptance of previous minutes:  May 15, June 12 and AGM June 14, 2001
Addition to May 15:  add Jean McMullan to attendance
Correction to June 14:  correct spelling of name, Merle Harris to Merle Hudson
Moved:  Bill RobertsSeconded:  Peter KeefeCarried


It was discussed that the agenda, minutes, treasurers report and other committee issues be sent via email or fax to the committee.

The document "Some thoughts on the Board" was discussed and agreed upon.  It was noted that this should be reviewed at the first board/executive meeting of SARA each year.
It was noted that at each first board/executive meeting of SARA each year the board should review the board responsibilities and committee positions.

FYI:  Sybil Wilkinson will be about a half hour late for each SARA board meeting re prior commitment.

A contact list of the 2001-2002 board/executive members was distributed.  Any changes, updates should be sent to the secretary.


SARA's Vision and Mandate will be discussed at the October 16th board meeting as to allow for imput from all board members.


Discussion re guests:  SARA board meetings are open to all residents of the Swansea community.  It is currently promoted in the Swansea Town Hall Events.

A motion was made regarding "Guest Speakers" attending and addressing SARA board meetings via board/executive members.
Motion:  No one has the right to invite a guest speaker without first contracting the President and/or Secretary of SARA for approval.  Moved:  Bill RobertsSeconded:  Peter Keefe
Discussion:  Sybil Wilkinson suggested we change some of the wording, especially regarding "has the right to".
Amended Motion:  An invitation for guest speakers to address the SARA board meetings must be cleared through the President and/or Secretary of SARA prior to them being added to the agenda.
Motion:  Sybil WilkinsonSeconded:  Louis GrisCarried


Louis Gris reported that as of June 12, SARA had 15 new members, 9 single, 6 family.  This generated $162.00 in revenue.  Membership is now at 116 paid members.  
Lois Gris reported reported that as of Sept 18, SARA had received 12 memberships, 9 single, 3 family; l renewal, 11 new members.  This generated $126.00 of revenue.  
Motion:  Louis GrisSeconded:  Bill RobertsCarried


Joan Oreto presented the treasurer's report as of Sept 7. (as distributed)
Motion:  Joan OretoSeconded:  Peter KeefeCarried

Expenses:Mr Wilkins re AGM printing$53.47
Louis Gris re stamps$100.58
Motion:  Bill RobertsSeconded:  Jean McMullanCarried

Signing Officers for 2001-2002:
As per SARA bylaws, as with the first board meeting of the new year, the signing officers need to be changed.
Lynn Clay will be removed, and Vicki Vancas will be added.  Jamie Bell will be removed, and George Dubauskas will be added.
Joan Oreto is to have the documents prepared, signed and submitted.

$50 floats:
Lynn Clay will be asked by Joan Oreto to return any balances from the $50 float.
It was discussed that instead of a float, the Secretary, Vicki Vancas will present expenses as occurred for reimbursement.
Louis Gris will continue to receive a $50 float for membership expenses.
Motion:  Joan OretoSeconded:  Jean McMullanCarried

A motion was made that Vicki Vancas will purchase two packages of paper and toner for secretarial use.
Motion:  Joan OretoSeconded:  Merle HudsonCarried


Victoria Masnyk has received copies from the City mostly after they have been heard.
It was discussed that we look for volunteers from the board for a Committee of Adjustment Committee.  A board member needs to take over this responsibility.  There are about 2/3 per month for the Swansea area.  At times it reaches 5/6.  The committee role would be to review the documents, highlight those involved in the Swansea area, contact SARA members that could be directly affected by this (in which the area they live in), then see if they will help deal with it and get involved.  For now, Lois Gris will review this matters.  Also Jamie Bell will investigate if we can receive these matters via email or fax, as to assist will dealing with them in a more timely and efficient manner, in which case specific matters could be emailed or faxed to those directly concerned or to be involved.
Those board members who want to get involved need to think about it and state it at the next board meeting on October 16.
Louis Gris identified that he will investigate futher 140 Deforest, the house on the north side, second from the end of the street.  This matter does not seem to be on any of the documents Victoria received.
Action:  Louis Gris, Jamie Bell, and other board members for imput and decision.

Jamie Bell discussed that 61 Kennedy (s/e corner of Kennedy) is a Committee of Adjustment matter.  He has written a letter on September 6 to the committee. Bill Roberts informed us that a number of matters are currently deferred.
A motion was made for the Executive Committee to approve the actions regarding 61 Kennedy Avenue, and appeal to the Committee of Adjustment and continue acting on this, as referenced to in Jamie Bell's letter of September 6.
Motion:  Jamie BellSeconded:  Marrine FennerCarried


Jamie Bell stated that the official name is now Humber York Community Council, as opposed to Humber Community Council.


Bill Roberts to continue to monitor.
Jamie Bell stated that he had copies of the waterfront report.  He also suggested that we change the topic to Gardner Lakeshore Task Force/Waterfront Issues.  Victoria Masnyk will talk to David Miller again about the lakeshore waterfront from the CNE to the Humber.


Jean McMullan stated that the next meeting is on Wednesday, Sept 19.
Jamie Bell mentioned that $1million is slated by the City to make improvements to the duck pond.  Work will be staged over 3 years.
There has also been a labyrinth painted by the Grenadier Restaurant by volunteers.  An event is scheduled there on Saturday, September 22nd at 7pm/sunset for the Equinox.  
There will be a Harvest Festival on Saturday. Oct 6 and Sunday, Oct 7.  Jamie will try to have a table there to promote SARA.  The Roncesvalles BIA will be joining in the event, and doing street activities on the Friday before.


Jamie Bell presented a flyer regarding the Swansea Town Hall memorial celebration of Jean Roberts and Gunars Martinsons on Saturday, Nov 3 at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber.  It will be discussed at the next SARA board meeting on Oct 16 if SARA will get involved with a special presentation and do any other event/action.  STH is asking for board members to help out on that day.


No update as this time.


Jean McMullan stated that the signs came down to state that the park was not polluted.
Jamie Bell stated that there is a Swansea Public School Council meeting at the Swansea Recreation Centre on Sept 20 at 7:30 p.m.   Also there will be a meeting on Sept 25 at 7:30 p.m. by the Bloor West Echo Village.  Professor Richard Anderson will be speaking, regarding landfills in the three areas.  He is also looking at prior Swansea records.


No update at this time.


No update at this time.


No update at this time.


Bill Roberts discussed that the June event had several hitches because they had a change in staff.
Joan Oreto mentioned that SARA has never received letters of acknowledgements regarding the trophies and SARA's involvement.
Bill Roberts will follow up with the Principal regarding the June event.


Louis Gris stated that there was an excellent gathering for the pot luck dinner held at the STH on Wednesday, September 12 for the board members of the various organizations/group that use the STH.  This will become an annual event.
Jamie Bell stated that the STH got funding from the City for expansion on the lower level.
Jamie Bell stated that there will be $10,000 going back to the City.  These dollars were generated from the good management and participation from the Swansea community.  The STH has a surplus which they maintain in their STH Association.
Sybil Wilkinson mentioned that the STH Association is $1 per year, and encouraged SARA board members join.
They also provide a membership card.
FYI:  STH website address:  www.webnet/~swansea


It was noted that we need to replace Margaret Rew for this committee position.  The committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.  There also have two pot luck dinners throughout the year.  A current board member of SARA is expected to sit on this committee.  This discussion will be on the agenda for the Oct 16 SARA board meeting.


Bill Roberts will continue to monitor.  He stated that there are a lot of issues.  


Jamie Bell stated that the Humber York Community Council has approved the new traffic circle for the Coehill/StOloaves location.  David Miller is in favour of this.  There were a number of public meetings held on this matter last year.
Merle Hudson mentioned that the new traffic calming rules need to be investigate further and monitored.  She will investigate and report back at the next SARA board meeting.


No update at this time.  It will be continue to be monitoried.
FYI:  World 19 Electronic Newsletter:  www.world19.com  


Bill Roberts is currently working on the next newsletter.  It will also include information on the November SARA fundraiser.


Copies of the new brochure, membership form and letterhead were distributed.
John Meijer has begun to work on the SARA website.  The working website address is:  http://swansea.xoasis.com/sara.php
Vicki Vancas stated the marketing committee will be meeting soon to continue its activities plus gather more content for the website.  She will also approach Swansea Public School for content assistance.


Louis Gris has booked the event and printed the tickets.  All board members are expected to promote this event and sell tickets, contact him for tickets.  The event is on Thursday, Nov 15, at 8:00 p.m. at The Village Playhouse, located at 2190 Bloor Street West.  The play is called "Forty Carats".  Tickets are $14 each.  SARA will receive $10 for each ticket sold.


Victoria Masnyk attended a meeting with Petro Canada's lawyer at David Miller's office.  It was positive, and most likely there will be no neon sign, the car wash will close at 10 p.m, and the hours will go back to the original hours, not those stated in the bylaws.  Ron Braun also distributed information to all the residents at 1 Ripley Avenue.

Peter Keefe stated that there will be a meeting on Wednesday, Sept 19.  There are also issues with the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.  It needs to be investigated on how many units have been sold. The OMB deadline is in October.  It was noted that the company has changed their building plans from the ones originally submitted to the OMB.  Peter Keefe to monitor.


Bill Roberts to monitor.  There needs to be a separate pedestrian walkway.  SARA is to solicit David Miller's help.


No update at this time.


Bill Roberts noted that the changes to the bylaws have been passed.  There are still concerns about the parkland.  SARA will continue to monitor.


Victoria Masnyk noted that she still has not received feedback from the City.


Humber River Outdoor Environment Centre:
Jamie Bell stated that a Humber River canoe trip is scheduled in October.  The Humber River Outdoor Environment Centre is a new group at is being formed.  Meetings will be held between October 1 and December 22, to clarify what should be done and when.  The City will be putting dollars into this project.  

Moew Club:  
It was stated that the club has been closed.  SARA to monitor to what is happening with this location.


Bill Roberts was contacted by CORRA to gain support from SARA regarding "emergency shelters".  CORRA feels that the  guidelines are too loose for all emergency shelters either operated by the City of Toronto or other organizations.  The short term rules have changed, they need clarification, more regulations especially for selected areas and type of buildings i.e. factory space.
Bill Roberts will write a letter to support CORRA to state that the rules need refinement, especially in specific areas and types of buildings.  It was noted that SARA does not oppose emergency shelters, but that the bylaws need better criteria especially for specific areas and types of buildings, these need to be clearly defined.
Motion for letter:  Bill RobertsSeconded:  Jamie BellAbstained:  Jean McMullanCarried


The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Tuesday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m. STH

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