TUESDAY, APRIL 20th , 2004


1.                    Call to Order and Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

2.                    Approval of Agenda

3.                    Approval of Minutes of March 16th, 2004

4.                    Membership Report

5.                    Treasurer’s Report and approval of Expenses

6.                    Executive Appointments –Report from Nominating Committee

7.                    City Communications

8.                    Land Use Matters:

a)       1947-1997 Bloor St. West – Context Development

b)       Windermere By the Lake – Reon

c)       34 Southport St. (Swansea Plaza) – The Pointe

d)       1900 Lake Shore Blvd. W. – Former Meow Club

e)       Committee of Adjustment Matters:

·         337 Windermere Ave.

·         17 Lavinia Ave.

·         2525 Bloor St. West

·         47 Mayfield Ave.

·         New items

f)        Municipal Shelters

g)       Gardiner Lakeshore Task Force & Central Waterfront Plan

h)       Toronto Official Plan – Swansea Part II Plan

i)         Fred Victor Centre /Joyco Station

j)         Humber Cinema


8.             Liquor Licenses:

a)       Billy Bob/The Fan

b)       Dark Horse


9.             Humber River:

a)       Humber Cycling/Pedestrian Trail

b)       Humber Bay Treatment Facility


10.           Local Issues:

a)       Petro Canada – 8 South Kingsway

b)       Community Council

c)       Traffic Calming

d)       Second Suites

e)       258 Windermere

f)        Swansea Mews

g)       47 St. Olaves


11.           Other Organizations:

a)       Community Police Liaison Committee

b)       High Park Community Advisory Council

c)       Swansea Historical Society

d)       Swansea Memorial Library & Friends of the Swansea Memorial Library

e)       Swansea Public School

f)        Swansea Town Hall Board of Management

g)       Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park

h)       Confederation of Resident & Ratepayer Associations (CORRA)

i)         World 19



SARA Agenda – April 20th, 2004                                                                                                                                                   page 2



12.           Other Business:

a)       Website - posting of letters on website

b)       Annual General Meeting (AGM) -

c)       Southport Plaza postal outlet

d)       Fundraising



13.           New business: 


14.           Next Meeting: (May  19, 2004)


15            Adjournment