Present:           George Dubauskaus, Louis Gris, Merle Hudson, Pat Reavy Bill Roberts, Nicholas Singh, Sybil Wilkinson,


Regrets:         Ron Braun, Ritvars Bregzis, Ed Gaigalas, Peter Keefe, Frances Labelle, John Meijer,


Guests:           Dave Fleming of 37 Beresford Ave,

Mike Gibbs representing Councillor Saundeercook      


1. Called to Order  Tuesday, April 19, 2005 7:43 PM


2. Agenda Amendments:  

Add:     Annual Meeting

Adopt a block program

Records Storage

Land use:          16 Dacre

                                                37 Beresford

                                                22 Willard Gardens

                                                53 Armadale


Motion to add the cited items moved by Louis Gris, seconded by Merle Hudson. Motion carried



3. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to ammend the minutes of  March 15, 2005, point #3 to reflect that it was the February 15, 2005 minutes that were discussed not the minutes of December. 14, 2005 and to approve the ammended minutes of both February 15, 2005 and March 15, 2005 moved by Bill Roberts and seconded by George Dubauskus. Motion carried


4. Executive Reports:


Membership: – no report


Fundraising:  Motion to book another play as a SARA fundraiser moved by Bill Roberts, seconded by George Dubauskas. Motin carried


Treasurer’s Report:  The report was received. Motion to acceptthe report moved by Bill Roberts and seconded by George Dubauskas. Motion carried.


President’s Report. The newsletter is ready to go


5. Current Matters:


Annual General Meeting:

It ws agreed that the AGM will be held on May 24, 2005. there has been no further notice of confirmation from Sarmite Bulte, but it is on her calendar. Louis Gris will provide the Presidents Address and Nick singh will provide the minutes from the last AGM.


Meeting with Councillor Saundercook:

Mike Gibbs proposed the following possible dates for a meeting with the Councillor:

May 5th – Thursday

May 9th – Monday

May 16th – Monday

We agreed on Monday May 9th at 7:30 at the Swansea Town Hall


Adopt a Block:

John Mejer contacted them, then met with several groups, the city and scouts. A meeting is scheduled for May 19th , the organisers are looking for a pilot area.

It was reported that garbage pick-up is messy and a supervisor has to pick up after the truck. Mike will report this to Councilllor Saundercook for action.


Massage Parlors:

Motion to support Councillor Saundercook’s efforts against a massage parlour moved by Bill Roberts and seconded by George Dubauskas. Motion Carried.


South Kingsway Redevelopment Meeting;

It was reported that Councillor Saundercook was hosting a meeting on April 26th to discuss plans for the redevelopment of the South Kingsway. Mike Gibbs reported that the plans can be viewed at Councillor Saundercook’s office. It was repored that the notices of the meeting had not been distributed to the homes closest to the proposed area of redevelopment.


Hydro Poles:

It was reported that the city is selling it utility poles to hydro and the city will be charged for servicing them. George Dubauskas agreed to follow up and report. Motion for George Dubauskasm, Bill Roberts and Louis Gris to form a subcommittee for this issue moved by Nick Singh and seconded by Sybil Wilkinson. Motion Carried


Fort York:

Communication  was received. This issue is now closed.


Community Involvement in Proceses and Practices of the City:

Louis Gris has received a response from Mayor Miller – an invitation to participate and be involved, a more detailed response will not be ready until practicality has established. Motion by Bill Roberts and seconded by GeorgeDubauskas for Louis to follow up with a letter to Mr. Filion requesting participation.  Motion Carried


Storage for SARA at the Town Hall

Louis sent the letter regarding storage at the Town Hall.


Vision Studies:

It was reported that the BIA and OfficeforUrbanism had not replied to messages regarding the sign-off letter for the Bloor West Urban Design Study and things were at a standstill.

A meeting regarding Humbergate was cancelled


Land Use Items:


Committee of Adjustment – Processes and Practices

There has been no response to Louis’ lettters


Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan:

OMB Hearing for discussion of New Official Plan is scheduled for 13th – 16th  June.  There were no objections to Swansea Phase II, looking for approval on the 20th


Humber Cinema:

Mike Gibbs reported that the owners have put in their official proposal for the cite with few changes to the last presentation.  Councillor Saundercook is going to community with the community.  The building will be 10 stories / 42 units.  Plans are available at the Cuncillor’s  office.  It will go to planning then 4-5 months before a public meeting then it will go to council.


47 St. Oaves: 

Mike Gibbs reported that Councillor Saundercook will go to the OMB for the neighbours


286 Ellis Ave

OMB discussion.


100 Durie:

The Commmittee of Adjustment approved the varieance with conditions proposed by SARA


9 Worthinton

No Report




169 South Kingway:

The Committee of Adjustment did not approve the variance we don’t know if it has been appealed



29 Beresford:

The Committee of Adjustment had approved the variences we do not know of an appeal


7 Harcourt:

The Committee of Adjustment had approved the variences we do not know of an appeal


47 Olaves:

The neighbours are holding back because of money for the survey. Motion to offer $500 towards the survey if they provide an invoice and are still going to OMB if the height is greater than approved by the COA (9.64m)  moved by Bill Roberts and seconded by Pat Reavy. Motion carried


16 Dacre Cres:

Mike Gibbs reported that Counillor Saundercook met with residents who are opposed to the varience. There are 11 properties opposed. The architect had said he had the support of the neighbours.  We sent a letter to the CoA with the understanding that there were no objections and that there be conditions.  We have now received a letter from neighbours complaining of our letter to the CoA.  Nick is to find out the details of last night’s meeting with Councillor Saundercook.  Motion for Nick Singh to respond to the neighbours letter  moved by  Bill Roberts the seconded by Sybil Wilkinson. Motion carried.


35 Beresford:

David Fleming:  House received CoA apoproval after building.  It makes the chimney at 37 too low.  Legally this is now a civil matter between 35 and 37 not a regulatory matter.  A promissory note from the builder to cover the chimney had been given but now they are stalling.  Motion to support 37 in pursuing the issue moved by ?. 


22 Willard Gardens:

This project is turning a bungalow into a 3 story home that extends beyond the current footprint.Councillor Bill Saundercook has asked for an inspection as to whether the  building permit allows for a porch but not an addition.Motion to investigate and support the residents if there are improprieties moved by George Dubauskas and secinded by Pat Reavy.








Items being monitored:


Southport Plaza:  

Bill Roberts gave a report.


258 Windermere.

There has been no support from city in persuing this inquiry. Motion to inquire with other groups and Associations about city planning problems to see if there are common problems with the City Building Department moved by Pat Reavy seconded by ?. Motion Carried



Context Development Corp.

was  fined $25,000 for putting polyeurethane into Wendigo Creek.


Dark Horse:

A report claiming that the condition for the patio had been approved by Michael Booth was given to Mr. Richard Kulis and forwarded to SARA. The accuracy of the report is in question for several reasons and has been forwarded to Michael Booth for comment before Richard Kulis is contacted again



Councillor Saundercook was at LCBO Board meeting in opposition.  Judge asked for written submissions – decision is pending


Next Meeting:  May 17, 2005


Adjoured: 10:00 PM