MINUTES OF MEETING, Tuesday, November 15, 2005




Present:          Louis Gris, Nicholas Singh, John Meijer, Bill Roberts, David Fleming, Pat Reavy, Kate Lawson, Merle Hudson, Ed Gaigalas


Regrets:         Chris Korda, Sybil Wilkinson, Bill Jermyn, George Dubauskas, Bonnie Shulman, Frances Labelle




The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm, with no conflicts of interest.




The Agenda for November 15, 2005, was approved as amended upon motion by Ed Gaigalas, seconded by Bill Roberts, and carried.




The Minutes of October 18, 2005 were approved upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by John Meijer, and carried.




a)   Membership:                     

Louis Gris reported that there are 3 renewals, and 1 new membership.

He gave a cheque to the treasurer.


A discussion about the Chair of the Membership Committee, and resignation of Louis Gris’s position as President was initiated by Bill Roberts.  He proposed a motion to appoint John Meijer as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee.  Nick Singh seconded, and the motion was carried.


b)   Fundraising:                       

Louis Gris reported that 25 tickets for a total of $400.00 plus a $4.00 donation had been collected.

He gave a cheque to the treasurer.

c)   Treasurer’s Report:

The report was accepted upon motion by John Meijer, seconded by Bill Roberts, and carried.



Louis Gris reported expenses of $11.39.

The expenses were accepted upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by John Meijer, and carried.



a)  New Members and Guests:

There were no new members; Councillor Bill Saundercooke was present as a guest.


b)  Newsletter:

Bill Roberts reported that the next newsletter would be ready in January.


c)  Annual General Meeting, held May 2006:

There were no new items to report.  The item will reamin in the minutes as AGM May 2006 until a specific date is determined.  The executive will need to consider who could be guest speakers.


d)  SARA Meeting with Councillor Saundercook:

Louis Gris explained to the councillor that we were waiting for minutes of the meeting from his office.  Councillor Saundercook will follow up with his office to get a copy for our records.


e)  Adopt a Block:

John Meijer reported that some emails had been sent, but there was no real progress.  He reported that the City was following up as both SARA, and the Scouts were still interested.   Bill Roberts explained what the initiative is for Councillor Saundercook.  Councillor Saundercook will try and find out the state of the program with the City.


f)  Massage Parlours:

Bill Roberts reported that the initiative is slowly progressing with changes to operating hours and licensing fees.  He noted that there may be legal issues with the changes to the fees.  Councillor Saundercook noted that the issue is a concern and that legitimate massage parlours and holistic centres are may be negatively affected.  The Executive relayed to Councillor Saundercook that because the problem areas are adjacent to Swansea, the issue is a high priority for SARA.


g)  South Kingsway Redevelopment Meeting:

Councillor Saundercook reported that a Class C Environmental Assessment is going forward, and a public meeting would be held when the results were available.


h)  Hydro Poles: 

Louis Gris sent a letter to the City Clerk.  Councillor Saundercook reported that sale of the hydro poles had taken place, and that because the City owns the company that purchased the poles, there should be minimal concern.


i)  Community Involvement in Proceses and Practices of the City & COA – Processes and Practices:

A report was drafted, and a City Staff report was created and sent to the Planning and Transportation Department.  Pat Reavy and Francis Labelle to follow up with any new information.  Ed Gaigalas noted that he can obtain City Reports that are of public record.


(j)     Storage for SARA at the Town Hall:

Louis Gris reported that we must sign a contract with the City Archives to use their facility, and that there are possible concerns regarding publication rights once items are archived.  Bill Roberts moved that the signing official to have authority to sign the contract.  Seconded by Ed Gaigalas and moved.


(k)   Municipal Property Assessment Corporation:

There is nothing new to report.  John Meijer to report on website links.


(l)      East Side of Walkway from Willard Ave to Willard Gardens:

Nick Singh reported that he had a response from Councillor Saundercook’s office via email, and that they would inquire about reclaiming the property.




a)  Bloor West Urban Design Study: 

Councillor Saundercook reported that the Planning Department has the study.  It is therfore before the City to adopt the reccomendations in the study.


b)  Humbergate Study:

Councillor Saundercook reported that he met with other Councillors to bring the Study before Community Council.




a)  Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan:

Bill Roberts reported that the Swansea Part II Plan has been adopted.  He also reported that he needs a member of SARA to be a witness at the OMB meeting to oppose the South Kingsway being rezoned to allow drive through businesses.  Kate Lawson volunteered.  Nick Singh volunteered to take pictures of the South Kingsway area to support the testimony.  David Fleming motioned that Kate Lawson appear.  The motion was seconded by Nick Singh, and carried.


b)  Humber Cinema:

Louis Gris reported that Mike from Councillor Saundercook’s office indicated that there may be another community meeting in January 2006.


c)  286 Ellis Ave: 

Louis Gris sent a letter to the Building Department to find out why the construction is in violation of the OMB decision.  Bill Roberts suggested that we appear before the City Legislative Assembly regarding the concerns with the City Planning process.  Bill Roberts made a motion to draft a letter to request to appear before the Legislative Assembly that was seconded by ????? and carried.


d)  169 South Kingsway:

Nothing to report.


e)  25 Woodland and 85 South Kingway:

Louis Gris reported that the OMB meeting is on November 22, 2005.  SARA is supporting the neighbours, and may attend the OMB meeting if there is cooperation from the neighbours.


f)        7 Armadale:

To be closed.


g)   26 Deforest:

Lois Gris reported that he attended the Committee of Adjustment meeting.  He talked with the Plan Examiner regarding the height.  The Committee Chair refused to deal with the height issue as it was not on the variance request.  The applicant would need to file another minor variance request if the structure was indeed too high.  The Committee ruled that the GFA must be reduced.Louis faxed a letter to the City Planner regarding the height issues, and how they would be addressed.


h)      50 Beresford Ave:

There are no concerns that we need to address.




a)  Community Police Liaison Committee:

David Fleming report that Bonnie Shulman would be withdrawing from SARA, and will forward the email he received from Bonnie to John Meijer and Louis Gris.


b)  High Park Community Advisory Council:

Merle Hudson reported that there would be a meeting on November 16, and that there are 15 years left on the lease for the concessions.  She will give another update at the next meeting.  Pat Reavy reported that she had no response from the City regarding her inquiries.


c)  Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park:

Merle Hudson reported that there was a meeting last Monday, and that the fundraiser brought in 2 to 3 thousand dollars.  She also reported that the discussions with respect to the pool are ongoing.


d)  Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library:

Nothing to report.


e)  Swansea Public School:

Nothing to report.


f)  Swansea Town Hall Board of Management:

Bill Roberts reported that there would be a public meeting December 7 at 7pm.  The Board would be proposing an amendment to the bylaws to extend the catchment areas further north to the Subway line, and further south to Lake Ontario.


g)  J.T. Bonham Residences:

Nothing to report.


h)  CORRA:

Bill Roberts reported that a meeting is scheduled for November 29 at the Bow and Arrow Pub at Yonge and Davisville.




a)  Windermere by the Lake:



b)  Southport Plaza:

Councillor Saundercook reported that he met with the principal developer and that they are looking for a partner.  The development is proceeding, but will wait for a partner before ground is broken.  There also may be some issues with the clauses that were part of breaking the lease with Valu Mart with respect to new grocery store tenants.


c)  Fred Victor Centre and Former Joyco Station:

Councillor Saundercook reported that the project is not going forward, and that there are concerns with the site.  He would be meeting with Mayor Miller to discuss the future of the site.  Bill Roberts offered suggestions that either Joyco or the Four-Points Sheraton could be approached with respect to leasing the site for commercial use.


d)  Context Development:



e)  Dark Horse (liquor license):

Nick Singh reported that Richard Kouliss has still not responded to his inquires as to why licensing conditions had not yet been met.  He will continue to follow up.  SARA will discuss getting the Provincial Ombudsman involved at the next meeting if there continues to be no response.


f)  Expose (liquor license):

Nick reported that the liquor license application decision details were received from Councillor Saundercook‘s office.  It explained why the licence was granted.  To be closed.


g)  Humber Cycling/Pedestrian Trail:



h)  Humber Bay Treatment Plant:

Monitor (Ron Braun as contact).


i)  Petro Canada Station – 8 South Kingsway:

Monitor (Ron Braun as contact).




John Meijer left the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Councillor Saundercook left the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Ed Gaigalas left the meeting at 8:55 pm.


a)   OMB Hearing; 103 West Lodge:

Nick Singh reported he received a hearing notice from the OMB.  There will be no action from SARA.


b)  Alcohol and Gaming Meeting; Queens Pasta:

???? reported that there would be a public meeting on January 16, 2006, at 6pm at the Four-Points Sheraton.  Queens Pasta is appealing the past decision to not lift licensing conditions.  Bill Roberts propsed a motion that SARA/SARG send a delegate to the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Pat Reavy, and carried.


10.  NEXT MEETING:         Tuesday, December 13, 2005


11.  ADJOURNED:               9:37 PM