MINUTES OF MEETING, Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Present: Nick Singh, Bill Roberts, Merle Hudson, Frances Labelle

Ed Gaigalas, Kate Lawson, David Fleming

Regrets: Louis Gris, Sybil Wilkinson, Chris Korda, John Meijer, Pat Reavy


The meeting was called to order by Nick Singh (temporary chair) at 7:40 pm, with no conflicts of interest.


Upon motion by Francis Labelle, seconded by Ed Gaigalas, and carried, the Agenda for April 18, 2006 was approved.


Upon the motion made by Ed Gaigalas, seconded by Francis Labelle, and carried, the Minutes for February 28, 2006 were approved.


a) Membership: Nick Singh read the report. Upon motion by Frances Labelle, seconded by David Fleming, and carried, the report was approved.

b) Fundraising: Ed Gaigalas reported that SARA would not participate in the Village Playhouse’s April 27/06 fundraiser. He also reported that Louis Gris would like to lead SARA’s participation in the Village Playhouse’s November fundraiser.

c) Treasurer’s: The Treasurer’s Report was not available due to technical difficulties. The report will be deffered to the May 16 meeting.


a) New Members and Guests: Nick Singh welcomed guests Bill Goweleeuw and Dave Maxwell who presented the proposal for the Swansea Recreation Centre Expansion Project. Mike Pasztor from the Bloor West Village Residents Association came in mid presentation to observe the presentation. In gross 2006 dollars, the garage would be approximately 14 million; the 14 new classrooms would be approximately 4 million; and the recreation centre approximately 25 million. Bill Roberts note; One Way street proposals could be an issue with residents; the long walkway may be dangerous at night; soil remediation from garage construction not budgeted or planned for; Ravine Control may hamper plans for the east end slope. Nick Singh asked about the changes to the soccer pitch, and Bill Goweleeuw explained it would be raised by one story, and lighting for night events would be provided. Francis Labelle asked about staffing, and Dave Maxwell explained that Recreation Center staff rather than School staff would be preferred as the centre would be able to open earlier, and stay open later.

b) Newsletter: John Meijer still is working on the newsletter.

c) Annual General Meeting 2006: Set for May 24, 2006 at 7:30 PM; Ed Gaigalas confirmed Mr. Gerard Kennedy as coming, and will also invite Peggy Nash and Mayor Miller. He reported that he was still following up on the Executive nominations. David Fleming confirmed he will be staying on as director and volunteering to takem over the position of secretary. As reported at the last meeting, Nick Singh will be president, Chris Korda will resign as secretary but will remain as director, and leaving members include Frances Labelle, Pat Reavy and Merle Hudson.

d) Adopt a Block: The program is being revived. John Meijer is attending a meeting.

e) City Recycling Bins: The proposal has not yet gone to the Works Committee.

f) Massage Parlours: No news.

g) South Kingsway Ramps Redesign: No news.

h) Community Involvement in Processes and Practices of the City & COA – Processes and Practices:

Nick Singh reported he attended the meeting and presented SARA’s position and concerns regarding the power structure. He will send in written documentation of his vebal presentation.

i) Storage for SARA at the Town Hall: Nick Singh reported that the boxes are available, and that the contract is still not available from the City of Toronto Archives. He will follow up. Bill noted that he will not be available to examine the contract until late May at the earliest.

j) East Side of Walkway from Willard Ave to Willard Gardens: Nick Singh reported that there has been no response from Councillor Saundercook.

k) Alcohol and Gaming Meeting: Queens Pasta: Nick Singh reported that the decision has not been received.

l) Municipal All Candidates Meeting: Ed Gaigalas has booked a room at the Town Hall for October 11, 2006.

m) OMB Reform: Bill Roberts reported that work is ongoing with George at CORRA, as well as with senior ministry persons.

n) Governing Toronto Advisory Panel: See 5h.

o) Front Yard Parking: No news.


a) Bloor West Urban Design Study: No response from Councillor Saundercook.

b) Humbergate Study: No news.


a) Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan: Passed at the March 27, 2006 pre hearing. It will be made official at the June 5, 2006 meeting.

b) Humber Cinema: Nick Singh reported that the proposal was rejected at the April 4, 2006 Community Council meeting. Nick Singh will request a copy of the analysis review that was referenced in the planning report that was presented at the meeting. The proposal will now be forwarded to City Council.

c) 52 Ellis Park Road An appeal of the OMB decision may come up in the future.

d) Change of Address for mail addressed to SARA from Etobicoke/York Committee of Adjustment:

John Meijer is still attending to the issue.

e) 26 Deforest: Merle Hudson noted that it appeared that the building and foundation had been completely removed. Merle will inspect the site and report her results to Nock Singh.


a) Community Police Liaison Committee: The next meeting is in May. SARA will host a meeting at the Town Hall in the future.

b) High Park Community Advisory Council: Merle Hudson reported that the Grenadier Group is planning a design redevelopment that they want to go to the planning stage in March 2007. Community consultation will be between September 2006 and March 2007. She also reported that the Council had a workshop on how to govern High Park.

c) Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park: There will be a garage sale on Saturday June 10. Contact Merle Hudson for details.

d) Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library: No news.

e) Swansea Public School: No nothing to report until June.

f) Swansea Town Hall Board of Management: No news.

g) J.T. Bonham Residences: Ed Gaigalas reported that there is no representative from SARA.

h) CORRA: Bill Roberts reported that CORRA will be opposing the Odeon development along with other citywide groups.


a) Windermere by the Lake: Frances Labelle sent a second letter and has not received a reply. The letter detailed SARA’s concerns that we could not take any position on the matter without full disclosure.

b) Southport Plaza: No news.

c) Fred Victor Centre and Former Joyco Station: No news.

d) Dark Horse (liquor license): Nick Singh reported that the Ombudsman will not be pursuing the matter. Nick will send another letter to the Ombudsman with more details in order to get the issue reopened.

e) Humber Cycling/Pedestrian Trail: No news until June.

f) Humber Bay Treatment Plant: No news

g) Petro Canada Station – 8 South Kingsway: No news.


a) Peggy Nash, newly elected MP for Parkdale/High Park: Ed reported that he invited her to the next meeting, and to the AGM.

b) Bicycle Lanes (Works Committee guidelines): No news.

c) Signage (new By-law): No news.

d) Bank of Nova Scotia, Safety Deposit Box: No news. This item will be deferred to the May meeting.

11. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 16, 2006

12. ADJOURNED: 9:00 PM