MINUTES OF MEETING, Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Present: Nick Singh, Bill Roberts, Chris Korda, David Fleming, John Meijer, George Dubauskas, Heather McCulloch, Louis Gris, Kate Lawson, Bill Jermyn, Bill Steele

Regrets: Ed Gaigalas, Sybil Wilkinson


The meeting was called to order by Nick Singh at 7:33 pm, with no conflicts of interest.


Upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by George Dubauskas, and carried, the Agenda for December 12, 2006 was approved with the following amendments:

Add 296 Riverside to Items Being Monitored, and Noise at the Rennie Park ice rink to New Business.


Upon the motion made by Bill Roberts, seconded by Louis Gris, and carried, the Minutes for October 21, 2006 were approved.


a) Membership: John Meijer read the Membership Report. The report was accepted upon a motion by John Meijer, seconded by Bill Roberts, and carried.

b) Fundraising: Nick Singh reported that $880.00 was raised for the Village Playhouse’s November. Nick Singh is still totalling receipts and will provide the final report at the January 16 Executive meeting.

c) Treasurer’s: John Meijer read the Treasures Report. The report was accepted upon a motion by John Meijer, seconded by Bill Roberts and carried.

d) Expenses: John Meijer reported $59.40 for the annual fee for hosting the SARA Web site. The expenses were approved upon a motion by David Fleming, seconded by George Dubauskas and carried.


a) New Members and Guests: Jain Prishram and Michael Krus attended as guests to present their project at 202 South Kingsway (See item 6b). Councillor Bill Saundercooke arrived during the discussion of item 8b.

b) Newsletter: John Meijer is working on January’s newsletter for distribution in early January.

c) Adopt a Block: John Meijer forwarded information on the project to Bill Roberts and Heather McCulloch. Heather suggested a display consisting of the mapped areas with detachable “blocks” to be attached to the display with the block sponsors name. She suggested that we have the display ready for the Swansea Town Hall AGM in February. Heather will design the display, and flyers for distribution, to the January meeting.

d) South Kingsway Ramps Redesign: No news. Move to Monitor.

e) Storage for SARA at the Town Hall: Nick Singh brought the contract for signing, and gave a quick review of the content. Signing will be done at the end of the meeting, and Nick will return the contract to the City Archives.

f) East Side of Walkway from Willard Ave to Willard Gardens: No news.

g) Billy Bob's Bistro and Saloon /The Fan Sports Cafe: All discussion on the matter was deferred until after our guests had left.

h) Traffic Studies in Swansea: No news as Ed Gaigalas is absent. Ed to report on the letter at the January 16 Executive meeting.

i) Cheri DiNovo: Louis Gris reported that he attended the meeting at the Swansea Town Hall hosted by Cheri DiNovo. He indicated that it was a good meeting but had a small turnout. He was impressed with her initiatives, especially health issues and low income housing. Nick Singh reported that he will follow up with Cheri DeNovo regarding her investigation of the Dark Horse and procedures at the Committee of Adjustments.


a) Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan: No news.

b) 202 South Kingsway: The Committee of Adjustment notice for the December 14th meeting is to sever the property at 202 South Kingsway into two lots. Jain Prishram and Michael Krus presented their proposal to sever the property into two lots, one with the existing house at 202 South Kingsway. The second property would then be developed with a new house to be built in compliance to the areas zoning, density (.35), setback and height limits. Jain Prishram explained that they would like SARA’s affirmation that the project is sensible and just as it is in keeping with the style of the neighbourhood. He also explained that they have consulted neighbours, and would like to keep an open dialog throughout the project. The executive explained that we would discuss the matter and get back to them with the results. Mr Prishram and Mr Krus then left. After a discussion about the project, John Meijer presented a motion that “SARA is not in opposition to the severance as no variances are being sought now, and no variances will be sought for the new properties, now, or in the future.”. The motion was seconded by Heather McCulloch and carried. Bill Roberts abstained from voting due to possible conflict of interest. Move to monitor.


a) Community Police Liaison Committee: Kate Lawson reported that the past meeting was the Committee’s Annual General Meeting. She deferred asking for a report of traffic accidents in Swansea (south from Colbeck) covering the last three years, and that she will bring the matter up at the next meeting. She also reported that beverages were not required, and that they are looking for crossing guards.

b) High Park Community Advisory Council: No news as Heather McCulloch reported that she was unable to attend the last meeting.

c) Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park: Kate Lawson reported that the Community Centre is partly financing the installation of lockers at the ice rink to be used by sports teams (hockey, figure skating, baseball). There will be a New Years Eve family skate at the rink. There was now news on the expansion at the Centre.

d) Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library: Bill Roberts reported that there is a new head at the Runnymede branch, and as staff is changing he reminded the librarian that we would like to have the assessment of library usage before our February Executive meeting.

George Dubauskas reported that he was concerned that the library hours at the Runnymede branch were being extended, but not at the Swansea branch. Bill Roberts presented a motion for George to “Investigate the expansion of hours at the Runnymede branch, and report his findings at the January executive meeting”. The motion was seconded by John Meijer, and carried.

e) Swansea Public School: No news.

f) Swansea Town Hall Board of Management: Bill Roberts reported that the Board is having its Annual General Meeting on February 24, 2007, and are looking for persons to fill positions on the Board. The Board meets once a month. He reported that there will be constitutional amendments made in order to change terms of serving for board members. The purpose of this amendment is to keep fresh people and continuality of people on the board. Bill also reported that work on the front of the building is continuing, and that the bike racks are outstanding, but will eventually be completed.

g) J.T. Bonham Residences: Ed Gaigalas to report. Nick Singh reported that Linda Reed has declined to serve as SARAs’ representative.

h) CORRA: John Meijer reported that a joint CORRA and FONTRA meeting will be taking place soon, and that SARA can send three members. Bill Roberts, John Meijers, and Nick Singh will attend.


a) Windermere by the Lake: Bill Roberts reported he met with the developer regarding changes to the site. He brought drawings of the site, and explained the changes to push the town homes and building slightly south beyond the buildings current allowable envelope. The building will also be made slightly narrower, and have an enclosed (roofed over) amenity area of 500 square meters. Bill Roberts proposed that as the buildings are moving south, are narrower, and there will be an amenity area, the changes do not warrant opposition. David Fleming motioned to authorize Bill Roberts to deal with the developer regarding the above items, providing cautious non-opposition with the current information to date. The motion was seconded by George Dubauskas, and carried.

b) Southport Plaza: Councillor Saundercooke reported that he met with Jeff usher (Georgian Group), and that units will be put up foe sale very soon, and construction will be started in 2008. They plan to start residential excavation, then the commercial excavations, with the commercial development finishing construction first. Councillor Saundercooke stated that he was disappointed with the Georgian Group in that its unimpressive efforts to secure solid commercial prospects. Councillor Saundercooke reported that he has contacted the LCBO, A&P, pharmacies and cleaners in the area.

c) Former Joyco Station: Councilor Saundercooke reported that the buildings are to be moved to a site on the south side of Lakeshore Blvd, and that he has requested to review the site.

d) Dark Horse (liquor license): No news.

e) Humber Bay Treatment Plant: No news.

f) Petro Canada Station – 8 South Kingsway: No news.

g) Storm Water Management Plan – Ellis Ave/Colbourne Lodge Dr: No news.

h) Front Yard Parking: No news. Ed Gaigalas to report on the new rules at the January meeting.

i) Bloor West Urban Design Study: No news. Discussions on the matter will be deferred until the January meeting.

k) 45 and 47 Mayfield Ave: Heather McCulloch reported concerns with the design of the driveway, and of possible issues with furnace venting.

l) 41 and 43 Worthington Crescent: Lois Gris reported that the fence height had been lowered. Item to be closed.

m) 296 Riverside Drive: Bill Roberts reported there will be a meeting of neighbours in opposition to the request that will be addressed at an OMB hearing. It will on Thursday December 14th at Stuart French’s house. Bill Roberts reported that he has contacted the neighbours to enforce that the need to get organized in opposition at the OMB hearing.


a) Display Poster to advertise SARA and Adopt-A-Block: Covered under item 7c.

b) Flyer to promote SARA to new Swansea Residents: Chris Korda talked to Sybil Wilkinson, and put off meeting with Ed Gaigalas until after Christmas.

c) Noise at the Rennie Park Ice Rink: Kate Lawson volunteered to talk to the head of the Community Centre regarding the annoyance in the neighbourhood of the loud scoring buzzer at the rink. Kate will report the results of the meeting to Nick Singh.

The following item is sensitive and is in camera.


Deferred discussion regarding item 5g) Billy Bob's Bistro and Saloon /The Fan Sports Cafe:

Nick Singh reported that the settlement between the community and Billy Bob’s had been brokered. He discussed the details of the settlement. Bill Roberts moved that SARA approve the settlement as discussed, and for Nick Singh to finalize the settlement with Billy Bob's Bistro and Saloon /The Fan Sports Cafe. The motion was seconded by Chris Korda, and carried.


The preceding item is sensitive and is in camera.

10. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday January 16, 2007

11. ADJOURNED: 9:38 PM