MINUTES OF MEETING, Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Present: Nick Singh, Bill Roberts, David Fleming, John Meijer, Heather McCulloch, Louis Gris, Kate Lawson, Sybil Wilkinson, Ed Gaigalas, George Dubauskas

Regrets: Chris Korda, Bill Jermyn, Bill Steele


The meeting was called to order by Nick Singh at 7:30 pm. Bill Roberts moved adoption of the minutes for discussion purposes. The motion was seconded by Ed Gaigalas and moved.


Upon motion by David Fleming, seconded by Bill Roberts, and carried, the Agenda for February 20, 2007 was approved with the following amendments:

Add Miscellaneous Correspondence and Swansea Town Hall Web Site to Current Matters.


After a discussion, corrections were made to a number of items. David Fleming outlined all corrections that would be made to the Minutes. Upon motion by David Fleming, seconded by Bill Roberts, and carried, the amended Minutes for January 16, 2007 were approved.


a) Membership: No new members to report. Louis Gris and Sybil Wilkinson reported that they have been going through the list of old members provided by John Meijer, and have nearly finished calling each one.

b) Fundraising: Louis Gris reported that he had contacted the Village Playhouse about SARA sponsoring a fundraiser in November 2007.

c) Treasurer’s: John Meijer read the Treasures Report. The report was accepted upon a motion by John Meijer, seconded by Bill Roberts and carried.

d) Expenses: Heather McCulloch reported expenses of $42.36 for the Adopt-A-Block poster. The expenses were accepted upon a motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by John Meijer and carried.


a) New Members and Guests: None.

b) Newsletter: John Meijer reported that a draft of the January newsletter was completed and would be mailed by Friday February 23, 2007 after any changes by the Editor.

c) Adopt a Block: Heather McCulloch presented her poster with the Swansea area map, small wood blocks, and certificates to give to people adopting a block. The package had a very good design and look. Bill Roberts suggested a “Help Clean Up Swansea” banner for the top of the poster. John Meijer suggested “Help Swansea Ratepayers Keep Swansea Clean”. Bill Roberts moved thanking Heather for her hard work. The motion was seconded by Nick Singh and passed. The poster will be stored in Ed Gaigalas’s office. Bill Roberts will mention the program at the next Swansea Town Hall Board of Management meeting.

d) Storage for SARA at the Town Hall: Nine boxes were sent to the archives. Bill Roberts, David Fleming, and Nick Singh packed nine more boxes that are ready for pick up. Bill Roberts will fill one more box. Ed Gaigalas will arrange for the Archives to pick up the ten boxes, and to drop off ten empty boxes. Bill Roberts showed a copy of the 1969 Official Plan booklet that was found while going through the items for archiving. Bill explained that we could keep the current metal storage locker upstairs, or move our storage area to a cage in the new storage area in the basement. Ed Gaigalas volunteered to give a tour of the new storage area after the meeting.

e) East Side of Walkway from Willard Ave to Willard Gardens: Nick Singh reported that he contacted Councillor Saundercook’s office. They had no information regarding the property and the use of the road allowance. Nick Singh received a map showing part of the property on park land. Nick will get back to Councillor Saundercook with this new information regarding the current use of the property, and for advice on any further action to take.

f) Billy Bob's Bistro and Saloon /The Fan Sports Cafe: Nick Singh reported that all conditions of the agreement were accepted by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission. The matter will be closed.

g) Traffic Studies in Swansea: Ed Gaigalas will follow up on the idea of a community wide traffic study in Swansea.

h) Cheri DiNovo: No news. Nick Singh will follow up with Cheri DiNovo’s office. David Fleming will copy the Agenda for each Executive meeting to Councillor Saundercook, Cheri DiNovo, and Peggy Nash.

i) Flyer to promote SARA to new Swansea Residents: Ed Gaigalas, Chris Korda, and Sybil Wilkinson will arrange to get together to go over ideas.

j) OMB Ruling on the Queen West Triangle: Nick Singh reported that he emailed Councillor Saundercook regarding the possibility of Councillor Saundercook addressing the community, via a public meeting, about issues such as an Avenue Study, Traffic Studies, Zoning Bylaws, Heritage Designation, and the South Kingsway Ramps. Bill Roberts suggested renaming the item “Proactive Measures to Preserve the Character of Swansea”.


a) Toronto Official Plan and Swansea Part II Plan: Bill Roberts reported that City Council approved the settlement of housing related matters. The settlement will go to the OMB for approval.

b) New COA matters: No new items.


a) Community Police Liaison Committee: Kate Lawson reported that the next meeting would be at Swansea Town Hall at 19:00h on March 6, 2007. They are also having a book drive for elementary and high school students in northern areas.

b) High Park Community Advisory Council: Heather McCulloch reported she attended the Wednesday January 17, 2007 meeting. She presented a public meeting flyer dealing with fish habitat restoration in Grenadier Pond. The meeting is at 18:30h on February 28, 2007. Heather will distribute the flyer and a SARA brochure to houses in the Grenadier Pond area.

c) Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park: Kate Lawson reported that she attend the last meeting. The group is concerned about low attendance. The buzzer noise at the ice rink had still been a problem, but the City has subsequently addressed the issue. There will be a community garage sale in May, with tables being rented for $30.

d) Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library: George Dubauskas reported that there are more senior using the library and that there is a friendlier atmosphere at the library. Bill Roberts reported that he is still working on getting the study about the assessment of library usage. He also noted that the library is classified as a neighbourhood branch, has a permanent librarian (shared with the Runnymede branch), and has a budget to buy books.

e) Swansea Public School: No news.

f) Swansea Town Hall Board of Management: Bill Roberts reported that all members if the current Board will stay on. Terms for board members will be two years. Half of the board (four members) will serve a one year term for this year only, thereby staggering board member turnover.

g) J.T. Bonham Residences: Ed Gaigalas reported that the AGM is at 19:30h on February 22, 2007, at the Swansea Town Hall.

h) CORRA: Bill Roberts reported that at the last meeting he presented his report regarding the use of neighbourhood policies as found in the Official Plan.


a) Windermere by the Lake: No news.

b) Southport Plaza: No news. The sales office is slowly being built.

c) Former Joyco Station: George Dubauskas reported that one building had been moved to the west end of the property, and that the site had been cleaned up.

d) Dark Horse (liquor license): No news.

e) Humber Bay Treatment Plant: No news.

f) Petro Canada Station – 8 South Kingsway: No news.

g) Storm Water Management Plan – Ellis Ave/Colbourne Lodge Dr: No news.

h) South Kingsway Ramps Redesign Meeting: No news.

i) Front Yard Parking: No news.

j) Bloor West Urban Design Study: No news.

k) 202 South Kingsway: Nick Singh reported that the Committee of Adjustment passed the variances, and that there has been no appeal. The item will be closed.

l) 296 Riverside Drive: The hearing is scheduled from 10:00h to 16:00h on March 8 and March 9, 2007. Nick Singh reported he sent a letter and talked to Mr French regarding SARA’s participation and party status at the OMB hearing. He also called Councillor Saundercook who presented a motion at City Council for an outside Planner, and a City Solicitor in support of the opposition to the appeal. Councillor Saundercook’s motion was passed. Kate Lawson volunteered to attend the hearing to represent SARA. Sybil Wilkinson motioned that Kate Lawson represent SARA at the OMB hearing. The motion was seconded by David Fleming and passed, with Bill Roberts abstaining. David Fleming will write a letter to the OMB to seek party status at the hearing, and to inform the OMB that Kate Lawson will represent SARA.


a) Swansea Town Hall Residents: A proxy voting form for the election of the board of directors was received. Kate Lawson motioned that Bill Roberts attend the meeting to represent SARA. The motion was seconded by George Dubauskas and passed

b) Humbergate Initiative: Councillor Saundercook is holding a public meeting from 08:00h to 10:00h on February 26, 2007 at City Hall to present the Humbergate Initiative. Bill Roberts and Sybil Wilkinson may attend.

c) Swansea Town Hall Web Site: Ed Gaigalas reported that the Town Hall is in the process of redesigning the web site. There will be drop downs for community group links. An information page will be available for SARA to post information. Context of the site will be dynamic, with hot issues from the community groups. Move item to Current Matters.

10. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday March 20, 2007

11. ADJOURNED: 9:20 PM