1.                    Call to Order and Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

2.                    Executive Appointments – President, SARG members

3.                    Approval of Agenda

4.                    Approval of Minutes of September 16th , 2003 and review of follow-up items

5.                    Membership Report

6.                    Treasurer’s Report

7.                    Approval of Expenses

8.                    Procedure for dealing matters that arise between meetings

9.                    Land Use Matters:

a)       1947-1997 Bloor St. West – Context Development Update

b)       Windermere By the Lake – Reon update

c)       34 Southport St. (Swansea Plaza) – The Pointe update

d)       1900 Lake Shore Blvd. W. – Former Meow Club  - Development Update

e)       Committee of Adjustment Matters – procedure for dealing with issues

f)        Municipal Shelters

g)       Gardiner Lakeshore Task Force & Central Waterfront Plan

h)       Toronto Official Plan – Swansea Part II Plan


10.           Liquor Licenses:

a)       Billy Bob/The Fan

b)       Dark Horse


11.           Humber River:

a)       Cycling/Pedestrian Trail

b)       Humber Bay Treatment Plant Liaison Committee


11.           Local Issues:

a)       Petro Canada – 8 South Kingsway

b)       Petro Canada – Queensway/Southport Renovation Plans

c)       Humber York Community Council

d)       Traffic Calming


12.           Other Organizations:

a)       Community Police Liaison Committee – new appointee

b)       High Park Citizens Advisory Committee

c)       Swansea Historical Society

d)       Swansea Memorial Library & Friends of the Swansea Memorial Library

e)       Swansea Public School

f)        Swansea Town Hall Board of Management

g)       Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park

h)       Confederation of Resident & Ratepayer Associations

i)         World 19


13.           Other Matters:

a)       Election Debates – Municipal – Update on Arrangements

b)       Newsletter

c)       Website

d)       Marketing/Fundraising


14.           New business


15.           Next Meeting and Adjournment – November 18, 2003