Volume 23 Number 3 Newsletter of the Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association October 1997 MEMBERSHIP Please renew and encourage your friends to obtain a 1998 membership, now available. THE FEES FOR 1998 ARE AS FOLLOWS: Single membership. ................. $8.00 Family membership ................ $10.00 Business membership .............. $12.00 Please contact L. Gris at 766-2792 to renew. Membership inquiries may be sent to Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association. c/o Swansea Town Hall, Box 103, 95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3H9. EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Please note that Executive meetings are public and held normally on the third Tuesday of each month. There may be seating limitations so contact the Executive before you come to a meeting. Our New Executive is: Peter Chany President; Ed Gaigalas and R. Vaughan, Vice-Presidents; L. Clay, Secretary; J. Oreto, Treasurer; L. Gris, Membership; Ron Luft, Past-President; Your Directors: H. Beetham, Ritvars Bregzis, J. Bell, W. Haines, 0. Iwanyshyn, P. Jarvis, D. Jennison, G. Martinsons, I. Poon, M. Pew, Wm. Roberts, L. Volpe and S. Wilkinson. ELLIS AVENUE PROJECT The owner sought approval for changes to the existing house on the site to the Committee of Adjustment. The Committee did not approve the variances sought and it is our understanding that the owner has not appealed the Committee's decision. For further information contact Don Jennison at 762 - 3832. SOUTH KINGSWAY-H UMBER BRIDGES We continue to monitor the progress of the bridges. For more information contact G. Martinsons at 766-1734. SIGN COMMITTEE The City has a committee which reviews signs and the regulation of the same. Ron Luft and Don Jennison sit as our representatives on the Committee. For more information contact Ron Luft or Don Jennison. PART II OFFICIAL PLAN (FORMER VILLAGE OF SWANSEA) Official Plans lay out the future direction of an area. For example they would show areas where high rises can go, and can set out policies relating to preservation of natural areas and views. In addition to the Official Plan there are secondary or Part II Plans which set out policies for a given area. Swansea has had a part II plan since 1973. The City was suggesting abolishing the Plan. SARA had three concerns. One -- the City requires before Part II Plans are amended that there be meetings in the affected area. If there was no longer a Part II Plan for Swansea, the City no longer was required to hold a neighbourhood meeting. Two -- Having a part II Plan allows Swansea to be recognized as having a distinct character. Three - with the "Mega City" it is possible that Swansea will be spun off from the rest of the City. By having a Part II Plan those policies which have protected Swansea will continue in place until altered. Bill Roberts on behalf of SARA negotiated with the City. At a meeting chaired by Councillor Hutcheon, the City agreed to maintain the Part II Plan with only technical changes and to commence a review of the policies set out in the plan to reflect the current character and issues facing the Swansea Area. BLOOR WEST PARKING STUDY We continue to follow this matter, however, it is unclear when the City is reorganized as to whether this will be a community council responsibility or a City wide responsibility. 99 COEHILL DR, (1 RENNIE TERRACE) No new information on this matter. BLOOR LIQUOR REGULATIONS The City-wide By-law was settled at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The key City position survived. Our concern remains that _the City has not adequately controlled mega bars adjacent to low density residential areas or provided adequate parking requirements. Since this could have an impact on the north side of Bloor should that area go "wet", we have asked the City to review the north side. The City has recommended a patio prohibition and Bill Roberts appeared on behalf of SARA in support of this recommendation. SPECIAL NOTICE All Candidates Meeting for Candidates for City Councillor for new Ward 19 (formerly Wards 1 8 2) at the Swansea Town Hall 85 Lavinia Ave at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 30th SPECIAL NOTICE All Candidates Meeting for Candidates for Mayor of the "Megacity" and Public and Separate School Trustees at the Swansea Town Hall 85 Lavinia Ave at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 6th SAVANNAH SARA continues to monitor this matter. The City has passed a by-law which removes the exemption for the Savannah. The building owner has appealed the by-law. On behalf of SARA Bill Roberts has filed 8 letter supporting the City's position. HIGH PARK ADVISORY COMMITTEE James Bell sits on this body which advises the City on safety, use and design issues for High Park. It appears the City is going forward with its plan to prevent through access by placing barriers on Colborne Lodge Drive. It is our understanding there is to be a public process. We are not clear on what, when, where and how it is to occur. GARDINER LAKESHORE TASKFORCE SARA continues to monitor this committee's work. SWANSEA MEMORIAL LIBRARY Please note that with the mega city our library which was created as a living memory to those who died in the first world war from the Village of Swansea will be under threat. Once again, please use it or loose it. You can arrange for any book, movie or any other library material to be delivered to the Swansea branch for pick-up. The town hall has arranged for a computer to be available during town hall hours so you can order books, etc. when the library is not open. You can also order books, etc. through your home computer. LIBRARY HOURS: Monday:.......····· ·············Closed Tuesday:..... · · · · · · · · · 10:00 A.M. 5 Wednesday:.... · · · · · · · · 1:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. Thursday:...... · · · · · · · 10:00A.M. 5:00 P.M. Friday: Closed Saturday ....... · · · · · · · 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Sunday.........···· ·············· Closed 5:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 10:00 A.M. 1:00 P.M. MEGA METRO SARA appeared at the Transition Team meeting dealing with Community Councils and Neighbourhood Committees to express our concerns on their operation. BILLY BOB'S This matter is now before the courts ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Our meeting was held on 21 May, 1997 and a new Executive was elected. Judge Ward Alien conducted the elections. The Minutes, and the reports from the Treasurer and President were presented and adopted. Barry Brooks provided a Planning Update including information about the Petro Canada South Kingsway Station expansion. The following Life Memberships for 15 or more years Executive service were presented to: William Haines, Dr. Lieb, G. Martinsons, Bill Roberts and Jean Roberts. Our special guests were the Swansea Public School Choir who gave an excellent presentation. RUNNYMEDE HOSPITAL SARA continues to support Runnymede Hospital in its attempts to ensure quality long term, chronic care and its specialty programs continue on its site. TRAFFIC CALMING ON RIVERSIDE DRIVE SARA continues to follow this mater. A series of meetings of concerned residents have been held over the summer. If consensus is reached the plan will be go before the residents of Riverside Dr. and its adjacent streets for approval. SWANSEA PUBLIC SCHOOL GRADUATION SARA again attended the graduation to present awards. Bill Roberts was the presenter. Congratulations to all Swansea grads and special congratulations to the recipients of our awards: Erin Wong (Girl's Athletic Award), Ruby Nadler and Christine Wong (Design and Technology Award), and Michelle Dawydiuk (Family Studies Award). PETRO CANADA ON SOUTH KINGSWAY SARA continues to monitor this mater. G. Martinsons has been designated by SARA to deal with the issues arising from this application. David Miller has supported SARA's concerns. A Committee of Adjustment hearing has been scheduled for October 21st. All other matters relating to this have been deferred for a public meeting to be held in the future. Advisory Committee: Peter Chant Editor: Bill Roberts Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association C/o Swansea Town Hall P.O. Box 103, 95 Lavinia Ave Toronto, Ontario, M6S 31-19