Volume 22 Number 3 Newsletter of the Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association September 1996 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The annual general meeting was held on Tuesday, May 14th, at the Swansea Town Hall. The guest speaker Derwyn Shea, M.P.P. for High Park Swansea, gave a very interesting talk on the GTA issues and the possible steps that can be taken in terms of restructuring. Unfortunately attendance was less than hoped for, partly because of a conflict with Swansea Public School's participation in a competition Tony Ten Kortenaar and Sue Campbell, two of our directors stepped down after several years of service. Thanks to both of them for all their work. We were fortunate in having Don Jennison, who is active in Ellis Avenue matters, and Ray Vaughan, who is dealing with the South Kingsway/Riverside Drive matters, agree to stand. Both were elected. The constitutional amendment permitting members who have served 15 or more years on the executive to be made Honourary Members with a right to vote, was approved. Bill Roberts (22 years service), G. Martinsons (over 30 years service), R. Bregzis (over 15 years service) and Jean Roberts (served 25 years) who all abstained from voting or participating in the discussion and Dr Leib, who was not present (who served 30 years) are the likely recipients was less than hoped for, partly MEMBERSHIP Please encourage your neighbours and friends to become members in 1946. Memberships are our principal source of revenue used to send out newsletters and to handle day to day administration costs. All our Executive are volunteers MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 1996 ARE: Single membership .... Family membership $8.00 $1000 Business membership.... $12.00 Unfortunately for those members who have not yet renewed this will be your last newsletter. Please contact L Gris at 766-2792 to renew. Membership inquiries may be sent to Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association. c/o Swansea Town Hall, Box 103, 95 Lavinia Avenue. Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3H9. ELLIS AVENUE PROJECT As yet no decision has been given For further information contact Oleh Iwanyshyn at 762-6724. GRENADIER RAVINE DRIVE RE-OPENING Mr. Overs and two neighbours attended our June Executive meeting to discuss SARA's position on the reopening of the Road. The Executive confirmed that we do not support a reopening and have asked for the City to confirm this. For further information contact R Bregzis at 766 - 3497. RIPLEY AVE. APPEAL The Ontario Municipal Board approved the settlement which was reached with the industrial owners. Numbers 2 to 6 Ripley will have a height limit of 10 m and a density of 2 times coverage. The rest of the industrial buildings on Ripley will have a density of 1 .5 times coverage and a height limit of 8 m. and 3 m setbacks adjacent to residential zones with a prohibition of the use of roofs for any activities. There is a 3 m setback from residential zones with a 7.5 m setback for any part of any structure or building greater than 4 m in height backing onto the single family homes on South Kingsway. For further information contact Bill Roberts 769-3162. BLOOR WEST PARKING STUDY As yet the committee dealing with this matter has not met. Glen Thede, Bill Roberts and Ed Gaigalas were appointed to the Committee. BLOOR/BOOZE & LIQUOR REGULATIONS We continue to monitor this matter. Contact Glen Thede at 763-5283 or Bill Roberts on this matter. SAVANNAH IS STILL ALIVE The hearing was adjourned again. 99 COEHILL DR. (1 RENNIE TERRACE) Bill Roberts is monitoring the actions of the City to ensure an agreement is prepared dealing with the issues of run off, lighting and use of the parking spaces As yet the Board has not set a date. TRAFFIC CALMING ON RIVERSIDE DRIVE SARA continues to monitor this matter. We continue to have concerns in regard to the impact on traffic flow and safety that the changes proposed to South Kingsway and Riverside Drive will have. SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE September ?3, 1996 at 7:30 p.m. at the SWANSEA TOWN HALL 95 Lavinia Ave. Guest Speaker: ?7 Topic: 7? RUNNYMEDE HOSPITAL & OUR LADY OF MERCY CLOSURES The Minister has written to indicate that the closures are still under review and to thank us for our letter. RENNIE PARK It is our understanding certain work will be done on the field that lies immediately between the field house and the school. SARA wrote to urge that the general public be kept advised. LIVE/WORK SARA supports the concerns of the Bedford Park Residents Association that controls should be built into live/work to ensure that the number of persons claiming to live in a unit and work there are limited to two, and that matters such as the number of students, physical changes to the building are controlled including the prohibition of noxious fumes, noise and related problems. SWANSEA SCHOOL GRADUATION Bill Roberts and Ron Luft attended at Swansea Public Schools' graduation to present the awards donated by SARA. Congratulations to Jennifer Goles (Girl's Athletic Award), David Martin (Science and Technology Award) and Emily Meeking (Family Studies Award). We wish them the best in their future endeavours SWANSEA MEMORIAL LIBRARY You can arrange for any book, movie or any other library material to be delivered to the Swansea branch for pick The town hall has arranged for a computer to be available during town hall hours so you can order books, etc. when the library is not open. You can also order books, etc. through your home computer. LIBRARY HOURS - Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday Friday Saturday: Sunday Closed 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Closed 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Closed Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association c/o Swansea Town Hall P.O. Box 103, 95 Lavinia Ave Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3H9 GARDINER LAKESHORE TASKFORCE Bill Roberts has reported that the committee is concentrating on the study of the removal of the Gardiner east of the Don Valley ramp. SOUTH KINGSWAY-HUMBER BRIDGES We continue to monitor the progress of the bridges, but it should be noted if all goes well this project should take 7 years to complete. For more information contact G. Martinsons at 766-1734 TRAFFIC AND SWANSEA We still hope that both Councillors will hold a public meeting in the Fall to examine traffic calming throughout Swansea. For further information contact G. Martinsons 766-1734. EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Please note that Executive meetings are public and held normally on the third Tuesday of each month. Since there may be seating limitations please contact the Executive before you come to a meeting. Our New Executive is: Ron Luft President; Ed Gaigalas and L. Clay, Vice-Presidents; L. Volpe, Secretary; J. Oreto, Treasurer; L. Gris, Membership; G. Martinsons, Past-President; Your Directors: Ritvars Bregzis, J. Bell, S. Campbell, Peter Chant, Tony Giniotis, Bill Gouweleeuw, W. Haines, 0. Iwanyshyn, D Jennison, M. Rew, Wm. Roberts, M Robertson, G. Thede, R. Vaughan, and S. Wilkinson. Editor- Bill Roberts Advisory Committee Ron Luft