Vision and Mandate
The mandate of the Association is to encourage good government, to improve living conditions in the Swansea Area, and to promote and express the interests of the area residents generally.

Formally founded in 1929, SARA is one of the oldest neighbourhood residents’ groups in the City of Toronto.

SARA is a non-political group open to everyone in the Swansea Community. We are a strong recognized community voice in municipal and provinicial politics.

SARA members with their diverse backgrounds provide the skills needed to effectively represent the concerns of the Swansea Community.

SARA is a member of the Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations in Toronto (CORRA).


To provide a forum for local ratepayers and residents with the general area of the former Village of Swansea, where community and business issues can be voiced and debated. Build on and strengthen the unique character of Swansea within the context of the City of Toronto and environs and respond to the needs of the Swansea community.

In a way that:

Involves and encourages participation from residents, ratepayers and businesses. Provides an open forum for discussion, information sharing and voicing of specific community issues. Seeks involvement, support and participation from the local City Councillor, City Council and other levels of government, as well as other groups and organizations. Encourages sound planning that addresses the unique needs of Swansea, within the Toronto context, specifically on zoning, property development, traffic safety, schooling, environmental and recreational activities.

So that:
Discussions are reached in a democratic manner; Action plans are recommended and implemented;

Swansea’s interests are expressed and promoted in the most effective and inclusive manner possible.

What is SARA doing for you?

  • Educating and informing the community through public forums.
  • Endeavouring to maintain the cultural, environmental, and political health of the community.
  • Working with residents to ensure that new development reflects community values.
  • Fighting disruptive and illegal licensed establishments.
  • Ensuring that the Swansea Town Hall is properly managed to reflect neighbourhood needs.
  • Continuing to maintain the Swansea Memorial Branch of the Toronto Public Library.
  • Maintaining close contact with local elected representatives and the civil servants whose work affects the community.
  • Providing input to the City of Toronto’s new Official Plan.
  • Collaborating with the City of Toronto to ensure safe and well designed pedestrian and cycle paths along the lakeshore and mouth of the Humber River.

What can you do for SARA?

  • Become a member
  • Attend SARA events
  • Get involved in a Committee
  • Become a Director on the Board