1978 Lakeshore Traffic Survey

SARA Wants You to Think Traffic & Complete this Survey

The Focus: The 1978 Lakeshore Site Redesign of the Windermere/Lakeshore Intersection

In non-COVID-19 times we would hold a public meeting to get your opinion but in these trying times we are reaching out by means of a survey. Your thoughts are very important in weighing the pros and cons of the proposed changes in this proposed development at 1978 Lakeshore Blvd West on the north west corner of Lakeshore and Windermere.

SARA has concerns with regard to the height, massing and density of this project. This survey relates to the road redesign and what the Developer wants to do as follows:

  • Have vehicles able to make right hand turns into and out of the Development onto the west side of Windermere (southbound lanes). The Gardiner overpass and railroad bridge obscures views to the proposed exit/entrance to the proposed building.
  • Shift the south bound lanes to the east so that the present north bound lane will become narrower and only allow one car at a time to go north from Lakeshore to halfway under the Gardiner overpass.
  • Please review this particular extract of the new intersection traffic design. In the extract the black lines reflect the new design of the developer who has extended the curb and pushed the southbound lanes further east. The white lines outline the existing design of the intersection. What is not outlined in the extract is the impact of the new design on the eastbound receptor lanes as the southbound Windermere traffic attempts to safely make the compromised left-hand turns onto the eastbound Lakeshore.

    Once you are satisfied that you understand the concerns of the redesign of the intersection, please complete the below survey by selecting the responses most appropriate to you, and supplying any comments you may have.

    How many times do you use the intersection at Windermere and the Lakeshore?Choose frequency and enter number of times used in input box below.
    What is your usual access route to the Gardiner or Lakeshore?
    What effect will the Developer's design have on traffic at this intersection?
    Do you agree that the building should be built this close to Windermere with the right-hand lane converted to a side-walk?
    With the extension of the curb and the push of the three southbound lanes further east at this Windermere/Lakeshore intersection, what will be the impact on the eastbound receptor lanes on the Lakeshore?
    With the extended curb pushing lanes further east and reducing the north bound traffic to one lane on Windermere, what difference will this traffic flow make to the Lakeshore Blvd lanes going east and the Windermere lane going north?
    What will the impact be on adjacent communities as the northbound traffic is reduced to one lane on Windermere?
    Do you agree that this development should have a car and truck exit/entrance on the west side of Windermere so close to the Lakeshore?
    Do you feel Pedestrians and Cyclists safety will be improved by the design they plan to use at Windermere and Lakeshore Blvd?
    In the box below, please outline the major concerns you have about the design of this Development at 1978 Lakeshore West.
    Please enter the Text visible in the above image

    Finished and Reviewed? Click Submit.

    SARA AGM Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Thursday, June 15, 2017 7:30 p.m.
    Swansea Town Hall Community Centre,
    Rousseau Room
    95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto
    (One block E of Windermere, N of Morningside)

    We invite you to the AGM to support the election of Officers and Directors, get updates on the Bloor West Avenue Study, progress of developments such as the Humber Odeon, 2265 Bloor W, 1926 Lakeshore Blvd., Southport Plaza, City-Wide Zoning Appeals,
    OMB Reform Legislation.

    Guest speaker: Ms. Barbara Gray,

    General Manager, Transportation Services
    City of Toronto & Co-Author of

    ‘Living Streets: Strategies for Crafting Public Spaces’

    Ms. Gray comes to Toronto from Seattle with 17 years’ experience in public service & for the past two years there as deputy director of the department of transportation.
    We welcome her thoughts on transportation for our community:
    ‘I think you design the streets and the city to support people being able to move, whether you want to walk, bike, take transit or drive your car. It is about making the network work for all of our travellers regardless of what mode they choose.’ (Toronto Star Dec. 9, 2016)

    Annual General Meeting

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.
    Swansea Town Hall Community Centre,
    95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto
    (East of Windermere, North off Morningside)
    Guest speaker: John Sewell,
    Former Mayor of the City of Toronto
     Mr. Sewell will speak to the creative years of a
    changing Toronto between 1969-1980 from his book,
    ‘How We Changed Toronto’
    We welcome his thoughts and perspective from this period
    as we work our way through changing times in
    development direction in Toronto 2016
    (He will be available to sign copies of his book
    before and after the meeting) 
    Agenda Items
    Agenda items will include:

    *President’s Report  *Development Updates *Election of Officers
    *Planning Issues: DPS (Development Permit System), LAB (Local Appeal Bodies),
    Mid Rise Guidelines
    *Water Main Pipe Construction on the South Kingsway
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